Kanye West Strikes Again

Kanye West Strikes Again

Kanye West continues his streak again at the Grammy’s Sunday, February 8th when he hesitated to interrupt the award- winning artist, Beck, while giving his acceptance speech. The Album of the Year award was announced and the winner was accepting it graciously when Kanye jolts from the front row onto the stairs leading to the stage. He stops and returns to his seat just before reaching the stage, shaking his head.

“So the voices in my head told me go and then I just walked up like halfway up the stage. You know, what I really wanted to do is just joke around about what had happened before, but I just really didn’t want to take away from Beck’s moment or the time he’s having to talk,” Kanye explained, referencing to his previous actions, when interviewed for “On Air with Ryan Seacrest.” “So I just walked back down because you know, it was kind of a joke like the Grammys themselves.”

Kanye’s “joke” was only a preview of how he truly felt which was expressed in an interview soon after the Grammy’s. He speaks passionately on what he feels is a negative pattern of the Grammy’s rewarding undeserved artist. The interview was heavily controversial, throwing the Internet into frenzy.

In fact, the interview was so controversial artist Shirley Manson released an open letter to Kanye West, expressing her opinion on his many outbursts and his behavior. “You make yourself look small and petty and spoilt.” she wrote. “In attempting to reduce the importance of one great talent over another, you make a mockery of all musicians and music from every genre, including your own.” West has yet to make any public reply to the letter. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/shirley-manson-calls-kanye-west-a-tt-in-open-letter-after-he-interrupts-becks-grammys-speech-10035252.html

Kanye still stands on his idea of defending artistry. He expresses that the Grammy’s often do not award “real” creativity and true art. “…It’s very hard for Kanye West to not be very true and vocal to what he feels.” He says. Drawing from previous incidents and Kanye’s feelings towards the operations of the Grammys it is rumored that he may not attend the award ceremony anymore.

Coming from a respectful Kanye West fan, I comprehend his passion for the arts. I also understand his anger when he feels creativity is not given the proper recognition. However, Kanye should justify his opinion. There should be a way to give honor to whom he feels deserves an award without disrespecting other artists. He has openly humiliated other artists in the process of trying to praise the work of artists. Only a true artist can respect the work of all artists regardless of popular opinion. What kind of artist could carelessly defy the sole purpose of art: self-expression?

Self-expression cannot and should not be judged. It can be highly recognized for its creativity and quality. All art is true art and is ultimately no better or worse than any other art.