Houston is Going Paperless!

Houston is Going Paperless!

Ashley Markle, Reporter

With the technology world advancing rapidly, Houston has decided to join the progression. Expected in the next 5-6 years, a program where students will complete schoolwork, tests and homework, all digitally will take over the classrooms. Microsoft 365 is launching One-to-One to benefit the education world.

Adjusting classes to go paperless will be a work in progress for the next several years, but the coordinators of the project are confidant the program will do many good things to improve the quality of learning.

In an exclusive interview with The Pony Express, Instructional Technology Coordinator Mason Grace spoke with the newspaper to inform us more about the new program.  “Teachers will be able to post assignments online, and then students can send their work in through a cloud. Everyone will have their own account that can be accessed through any device with Internet, so there is virtually no reason not to have the work done.”

Through laptops, students will be able to submit his or her work through a cloud, an online filing cabinet, giving a teacher access to it immediately. According to Grace, “There is a better chance of student doing their homework on a device than students doing homework sheets and from the textbooks.”

Another benefit of the One-to-One will be the speed of the information being retained. Teachers will now have the opportunity to post the lessons online so the student can review it for homework, resulting in the teachers ability to spend more time the next day reviewing the lesson. Grace also stated, “With this method, teaching will be more like a college class environment, which will better prepare for the future.”

With a better chance of students doing work, a more effective teaching method, and preparing students for college, there’s no reason not to be excited for the change. The world is advancing rapidly, and HHS is just keeping up.