Malia Takes a Stand

Malia Takes a Stand

Kelsee Woods, Reporter

America’s government is very cautious with the information they release and the positive image they try to portray. However, there will always be negative theories of our government that only the public eye can collect through random opinion. The public ultimately has no clue of what truly goes on in the White House. We have no way of knowing if the information they give is true. We have no way of knowing if our leaders are faithful to the foundations we have been built on. Unless, it was possible for a close inside source to tell the people what is really happening. It is believed that Malia Obama, President Obama’s daughter, is passing slight hints as to what the White House is really like on the inside.

A mysterious and rare photo of Malia, 16, has surfaced the Internet on Monday of last week and has gone viral. The picture has a moody tint capturing the teen in a more personal form. Her lips are parted as her hands are grasping her long ponytail. Such pictures of members of America’s first family are very unusual. Questions are rising as to how this image reached the Internet and if Malia or another inside source released it. White House security has a very strict hand on the president’s daughter’s access to social media. Maila has a known Facebook account and her sister, Sasha, has no accounts at all.

Not only is the predicament of the photo and the condition it was taken in peculiar, but also the shirt she was wearing is even more intriguing. The wrinkled tee displays the logo of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Collective, Pro Era. Shortly after releasing, one of the members of the music group posted it on instagram advertising for others to go buy the shirt also.

The group is based upon foundation of the Hindu teachings of the Chakras. Chakras are the seven energy centers in your body. Pro Era focuses heavily on the fourth and the seventh chakras, love and spiritual connection. To learn more about the seven chakras visit:

Pro Era also focuses intensely on the third eye, another Hindu teaching. This concept suggests an invisible eye that provides a higher perspective above the ordinary sight. For more information on the third eye visit: the group has many references towards “keeping their third eye open” which they believe will make all of the wrong in the world visible. They feel as though the government and the system cause many of America’s biggest issues they have created to control us. Pro Era promotes staying in tune with your Chakras and keeping your third eye open in order to rise above such cruel standards.

Being that Malia has been pictured wearing the group’s shirt in their support, it is difficult to not think that she agrees with their beliefs. The contradiction comes about because she is the president’s daughter who agrees with defying the system of the government. This picture could very well be a silent message from the inside of The White House. The average American standing against the system is not as powerful as an actual resident of the White House standing against the government. Drawing from its peculiarity and low frequency of this incident, his photo holds heavy significance. If this conclusion is right about Malia, America should take caution with their government.