One of Houston’s Finest Artists

One of Houston's Finest Artists

Ashley Markle, Reporter

Some of you may not know one of Houston’s finest artists. Senior, Krista Rowland, explains about her current art and plans to pursue it in the future.

Ashley: How did you get started in art?

Krista: “I knew I had a talent in art, but I really didn’t get invested in it until sophomore and junior year when I got more serious about it.”

Ashley: Where do you find inspiration?

Krista: “My art teachers. I also use things going on in my life in my paintings. If I have a problem with something, I work it out in the picture through the art.”

Ashley: When you do art, do you have any rituals?

Krista: “I listen to music the whole time I paint. I just have a playlist of electronic music and set it on repeat and go. I’ll end up painting for six hours without realizing it.”

Ashley: What’re your plans for the future with art?

Krista: “I’m hoping to go to Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. A degree from there opens up a lot of doors for a career. I could see myself in graphic design creating music posters, websites, album art, and stuff like that.”

We wish you the best Krista! We know you will make us proud.