Senior Miss Pageant

Senior Miss Pageant

Ashley Markle , Reporter

On Tuesday, December 2, the twenty-third annual Senior Miss Pageant took place at Houston High School. Twenty-four girls took the stage in competition to receive scholarship money for college.

The event was composed of three individual competitions- interview, evening gown, and talent. Before the show started, a panel of three judges individually interviewed each girl. During the interview portion, the girls were dressed to represent their clubs. The judges asked a series of questions mainly about what the future goals of the girl are. After the interviews, the girls gathered in the choir room to get ready for the show.

Once the show began, talents varied from singing to dancing to even swimming on stage! The ladies of Houston used the talent portion to show their personalities because this was more than a pageant- it is a completion to win scholarship money for college.

As the show went on and songs were sung, the overall winner of the night was Nia Wells who did a hip hop routine for her talent and blew away the judges in her evening gown dress. The night was a big success and it can only get better each year!