Scientist’s Solution to Texting and Driving

Scientists Solution to Texting and Driving

Kelsee Woods , Reporter

The death of Dave Sueper triggered the motivation of rocket scientist, Scott Tibbitts to find a solution to reduce texting and driving. Dave’s life was carelessly taken from a distracted teenager who had run a red light. This heavy predicament clung to Tibbitts’s mind since May 8,2008 when the tragic event happened.

Six years later, Tibbitts has invented what seems to be a solution to the high percentage of texting and driving. Tibbitts recently sold his space company, Starsys Research Corp., completely devoting himself to his new professional challenge.

According to the U.S Department of Transportation, 1.6 million auto crashes each year have a cell phone involved. Texting and driving has bypassed drinking and driving in teen vehicular deaths. Twenty percent of all teen highway fatalities are held by texting and driving. There have been many attempts to calm this epidemic using mostly apps. However, none of them have made any drastic changes in the rising levels.

Scott Tibbitts and his new founded company, Katasi, have created a possible solution with Groove, a small device that plugs into a port located under the steering wheel connecting the car to the Internet. Once the driver is registered with Groove, Groove identifies the operator of the vehicle and notifies their phone carrier. This allows the device to block all distractions before they reach the phone. When the car is turned off, Groove again notifies the carrier and the blocked notifications roll in and nothing is missed.

Groove relies heavily on the connection with mobile phone carriers. “Our goal is to have every carrier on board with Groove, providing the capability to limit distractions before they get to the phone when a subscriber is driving” Tibbetts said. With the support from all phone carriers, this device has the potential to lower the levels of texting and driving.

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