Dear Fine Citizens of Houston,

Mckenzie Stieff, Reporter

Recently, I have noticed an influx in students doing and saying things to “fit in.” I am here to tell you that you are better than what you try to appear to be. Yes, it is hard getting up every morning and trying to deal with people’s drama. There is so much pressure in high school; it is different for every student. Pressure to get good grades,  keep your social status, to participate in extracurricular activities, and more.

I know it is hard to start over, but sometimes it may be your best bet. So, if you find yourself friendless with no motivation and your grades plummeting, it is okay to start over. Talk to your teachers about some extra credit or anything you can make-up to better your grade. Trust and believe that it will improve your grade point average.

It takes more energy and time to be something you are not. It really doesn’t matter what you wear or who you know, it matters what you think of yourself. Your friends are supposed to be a support system. If you have someone in your circle of friends who you do not feel has your best interest at heart, they should be dropped. It is not worth the pain and heartache. If you were already stressed out about school why would you overwhelm yourself with other people’s problems they have with you? It is at your best interest to not care about the nonsense people may assume about you. I advise you to stay lowkey and let them assume.

Schoolwork and your social life are supposed to balanced. The more you care about your social life, the less you will care about your schoolwork. The more you care about you school work; the less your social life will affect you in a bad way. Use all of this advise to your advantage. High school can be World War III, but if you use these tools you will be victorious!