Grizzlies Grind Out To 12-2 Start

Mitch Moskowitz, Reporter

Patience is a virtue commonly found among the people of Memphis. For 10 years, Memphians patiently waited for their beloved NBA franchise to win a single playoff game, all the while the seats of the Fedex Forum remained filled with loyal fans. Now after four consecutive playoff appearances, including one trip to the Western Conference Finals, the forbearance of Grizzlies fans seems to have paid off.

With perhaps the deepest roster in team history, the Grizzlies not only won their season opener for the first time in franchise history, but have stormed out to a 12-2 record as well, one of the best in the NBA. Led by the trio of Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, and Mike Conley, the traditionally-underrated Grizzlies plan to establish themselves as a powerhouse franchise in an extremely talented Western conference which features some of the best teams in the NBA as well as the defending Champions, the San Antonio Spurs.

While Memphis’s roster lacks any superstars, the Grizzlies’ hard-nosed, traditional style of basketball has proven to more than make up for the squad’s shortage of MVP-caliber players. Role players such as fan-favorite Tony Allen, Courtney Lee, and future hall-of-famer Vince Carter pose to help push the Grizzlies to the top of a lethal Western Conference.

Unfortunately for Grizzlies fans, the squad’s lack of a Lebron James or Kevin Durant type player will most likely result in Memphis once again flying under the radar. During the regular season, Memphians can expect minimal national recognition, regardless of the Grizzlies’ performance. However, when the playoffs roll around, the other seven teams in the Western Conference will most likely be praying long and hard that they do not have to experience the Grizzlies and their grind-it-out style of basketball.

Despite the franchise’s success in recent years, most Memphians have come to accept that their beloved Grizzlies will never be nationally thought of as a dominant force in the NBA. While frustrated with this fact, the city of Memphis could not seem to care less with the irrelevant opinion of the outside world. To them, the fact that the Grizzlies constantly find themselves underrated makes the experience that much sweeter, as the grit-and-grind Grizzlies slash out their victories one game at a time.