Sunshine Student

Maggie Crigler, Reporter

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Sunshine Student

By Maggie Crigler

Freshman Caroline Dorroh is known as someone to brighten your day. With her positive personality and funny free-spirited humor she makes Houston a better place. Her classes consist of  biology, English 9, wellness, art, and language skills. Her favorite memory so far at Houston is the pep rally on the first day of school. She enjoyed being together, dancing, and listening to music.

Dorroh’s favorite thing to do is to ride her horse Chip. “The best feeling when riding Chip is how relaxing it is. I love when the wind hits my hair because it gives me the feeling of flying. Her horse has inspired her to become a lab technician. Her goal is to help find cures for horse illnesses.

She outside of school, enjoys playing with her puppy, watching scary movies, and traveling the world. Dorroh has been to all over from the beach in Hawaii to the mountains in Colorado to the pretty sight seeing in England. She also loves listening to music. Her two favorite two artists are One Direction and Elvis.

Dorroh is definitely a firework here at Houston.