Boys, Pull it Together!

Boys, Pull it Together!

Ashley Markle, Reporter


So far, The Pony Express, has given an advice letter to girls and teachers, so boys, it is your turn now!

Through the years of high school, students are expected to gain academic knowledge, common sense, and maturity. However, it seems some boys are lacking on the maturity growth; not all of our guys are struggling with this, but for the ones that are, it would benefit you to take these tips to heart.

“Honesty is the best policy.” This cliché holds truth because whether you want to belie it or not, girls find out everything. Trying to be sneaky and lie to prevent issues will only dig you in a deeper hole. If a girl likes you but you are not interested in her, do not make up an excuse to get out of the situation. Just be open and tell her the feelings are not there. It is better for her to be disappointed than make up a lie that will hurt her later on.

Second, my advice is to bring expectations back to reality. We are all teenagers in high school and do not have the resources or time to look like actresses and supermodels. We try our best to look good, however if we do dress up it is not for your benefit. If you do not think we are pretty, please keep it to yourself. Already having a lack of confidence, girls will take any negative remark and remember it. If you are nice to us, we will return the favor.

Lastly, if you have established with a girl that you two are dating or talking, respect that. Continuing to flirt with other girls while you already have one is unacceptable. It only diminishes your credit for being a decent guy. Even if you think it is harmless, look at it from the other side, would you want her talking to other guys the way you talk to other girls?

Use your manners, be a gentleman, and just treat us how you would like to be treated. Let us all work on preventing drama and unnecessary tears and use our brains.