Mustang Basketball Pre-Season Preview

Mitchell Moskowitz, Reporter

With the high school basketball season gearing up in the next few weeks, the Houston High School Mustangs are preparing to embark on a season in which they aim to achieve ultimate victory. Under the leadership of beloved seniors Marlon Hunter and Kalen Nicholson, the players hope to enter a new era of Houston High basketball, one characterized by selflessness, dedication, and domination. Along with the seniors, an extremely talented cast of juniors such as Justin Benton, Jimmy Jenkins, Brian Harper, and Ty Robinson promises to elevate Houston basketball to the next level.
While this squad possesses an unprecedented level of skill, it is the team’s impressive work ethic and sense of unity that truly distinguishes this group from past teams. According to William Buford, the head coach of the boys’s basketball team, this year’s group appears “more selfless than ever before,” with players “caring more about winning than individual stats.”
Along with the team’s altruistic nature, the boys’ dedication to physical conditioning serves to aid in the team’s quest for a state title. Since August 11, the Mustangs have spent countless hours in the weight room and on the court, tirelessly preparing for the upcoming season. On a team that, according to Bufford, “possesses no true post players,” physical conditioning enables the Mustangs to run the fast-paced offense that will enable Houston to compete with taller, larger teams.
With a combination of a talented Houston basketball squad and the graduation of several key players from traditional basketball powerhouse White Station, the men of Houston’s basketball program intend to embark on a campaign that will end with the Mustang’s coronation as state champions. Led by a core of players who are as talented as they are committed, the boys’ basketball team is ready to bring glory back to the halls of Houston High.