What is the Motivation for Our Football Boys?

What is the Motivation for Our Football Boys?

Ashley Markle , Reporter

Friday night, Houston’s football took on Collierville High School. No time was wasted when a block by Parks O’Neill, junior, allowed Jared Schmidt, senior, to score a touchdown in the first few minutes of the game. After those first points were scored, our mustangs continued the fight until the final score read Houston 49 and Collierville 21. The question, however, is what drives our mustangs to play so well?

According to Coach Schmidt, motivation comes from the team leaders and captains. Before every game, Coach Schmidt shows the team a slideshow to get them pumped. It is filled with motivational words and clips from movies like King Kong. He played the scene where King Kong saves his love from a dinosaur, defeating the monster and giving a triumphant roar over his dead body. He used this clip to remind the boys they have something worth working for. In the past game, every player was asked to dedicate the game to someone of significance. By doing this, he believes players are pushed to work harder and play well in honor of their person.

Senior football player Benny Carroll told the Pony Express, “I’m motivated to be the best that I can to help the team be better. The brotherhood we have is incredible ad playing for them motivates me.” The chemistry within the players can be seen as plays are executive perfectly. It is almost as if the team is on the same wavelength as decisions are made throughout the field and everyone is ready for what is to come.

The football team has a strong bond on and off the field. The unity that exists betweens that gives our boys an edge during games. Keep it up for the playoffs guys!