Lights, Camera, Fight!


Ansony Kim , Reporter

Warrior is a movie about two brothers, Tommy Riordan and Brendan Conlon, who were split apart as kids. Growing up, their father, Paddy Conlon, trained them on how to fight, leading them to mistrusting him.

Tommy left Paddy with his dying mother when he was just a child. He was a former marine, who fought for money to give to wife of his dead best friend. Even though he is not fond of his father, he visits him and asks for training to compete in a mixed martial arts tournament known as SPARTA.

Brendan is a high school physics teacher and former UFC fighter. He’s struggling to provide for his wife, Tess, and two daughters. In order to pay for an emergency, he mortgaged his house hoping to not lose everything. For extra money, he used his training to fight. Brendan now has no choice but to also participate in SPARTA with the help of his friend, Frank, to train him.

After arriving at the tournament, Brendan discovers that Tommy had also entered. Tommy is still angry at Brendan for staying with their father. Spoiler alert: The brothers end up as the last fighters and battle each other for the ultimate prize.

Many comparisons were made between Warrior and The Fighter, which stars Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, and Amy Adams. Warrior received a higher rating than The Fighter, however The Fighter received more awards. Both movies are about brothers and their relationships.

Even though the fights were heavily choreographed, they looked realistic. Joel Edgerton talked about the training he and Tom went through “eight weeks of seven a.m. until about three or four in the afternoon everyday. We’d literally get to the gym at seven in the morning to do some kicking and punching drills then go off and do a bit of wrestling,”

In the end, it is not just about winning a competition, it’s about two brothers trying to reconcile with each other. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys action packed films.