Three-Wheeled Money Saver?

Three-Wheeled Money Saver?

Ansony Kim , Reporter

Elio Motors is an American automaker founded in 2008 by Paul Elio. Engineers are currently working on a three-wheeled car. This new car contains an eight-gallon fuel tank with a planned fuel efficiency of 84 mpg highway / 49 mpg city. Miraculously, it has a starting price of only $6,800.

According to Design&Trend, “a big advantage of a three-wheeled vehicle is that due to its low weight and layout, it qualifies as a motorcycle by the U.S. government. This also means that it is cheaper to manufacture, due to less stringent safety and emissions than those applying to cars.” Another good thing about this motorcycle is that it has a small motor, resulting on less money spent on gas.

The three-wheeler includes almost everything a normal car has. It contains a heater, defroster, air conditioning, power windows, door lock, stereo, two person seating capacity, three airbags, a reinforced roll cage, side intrusion beams, seat belts, windshield wiper, stability control, and ABS (anti-lock braking system).

Ronnie Schreiber, the author of The Truth About Cars magazine, tested out the Elio to see how it drives. After, he stated “pretty much like any other small front wheel drive car. At first you feel like you’re driving a cross between a small airplane and an open wheel track car, but fairly soon you start to feel like you’re just driving another car. Well, till you again notice people craning their necks and checking what you’re driving in their mirrors. From the outside it looks like nothing else on the road but from the inside it looks very automotive. Yes the fuselage is narrow, but the cockpit is fairly roomy for one person, and there’s even more hip room for the rear passenger than for the driver. I’m not a skinny guy but I had plenty of room.”

With gas prices constantly fluctuating and the increased popularity of eco friendly vehicles, it is expected to be extremely popular.