Who Really Won the Rivalry Powderpuff Game?

Maddie Richburg, Jay Johnson, Ashley Markle

Maddie Richburg, Jay Johnson, Ashley Markle

Ashley Markle, Reporter

On Tuesday October 21, Houston High School’s senior girls faced Collierville High School’s senior girls in what was supposed to be a friendly powderpuff flag football game. Tension was high in the atmosphere when the game first started and it remained throughout the game. Players channeled their anger into the match.

Collierville’s team scored the first touchdown, however Houston quickly bounced back when Kali Linville scored the next seven points for our team. As the scores were tied, the claws came out from some dragons. Several Houston players have stated that they were shoved when the whistle was already blown. However, even with the fowl play from Collierville, our girls kept their. Even when one of our very own was shoved into the ground Houston girls checked on the injured rather than jumping on the enemy.

The scoreboard may have given Collierville the W, but our girls are the ones who proved sportsmanship triumphs the number. The event that was organized to be fun turned into another example of why is called classy, not trashy. Let’s keep it up this Friday when our football boys take on Collierville.