The End Of the Day

The End Of the Day

Jonathan Jennings, Reporter

Kid Cudi, originally known as Scott Mescudi, is a musical artist from Cleveland Ohio. His debut album, Man On The Moon: The End Of Day, put him on the rap scene and propelled him into stardom.

The End of Day was certified gold by the RIAA, the Recording Industry Association of America. Also, Day N’ Nite, the single he released from this album, hit top five on the Billboard charts soon after it was released. Many believe the reason it was so popular is because of Cudi’s unique style and passion he puts into the music.

Like most artists, Kid Cudi sings of serious conflicts in his life. His songs are different than those producing the music coming out today. They consist of meaningful lyrics, apposed to speaking about cars, money, and other materialistic items.

As of now, Cudi is working on his next piece of art, Man on the Moon 3. When talking about it, he seemed enthused by saying, “it will be better than the first two.” He also stated, “you’ll see it coming from a person who is looking at things from a more mature mindset, with more understanding and growth. I want people to be able to put this album on at different points in their lives and grow with me.”