Who is XXYYXX?

Who is XXYYXX?

Kelsee Woods, Reporter

Marcel Everett, electronic musician and producer, is climbing through the crevices of the underground world and sneaking into popularity with his creativity. Starting at the age of 14, Marcel made his way through the Internet renaming himself XXYYXX. He is humble, quiet, musician who wants nothing more than to share his art with the world.

At the age of 18, Marcel has worked with many dominant names in the industry such as Usher and Beyonce, together they have created extreme remixes that have swept the Internet.

Although he is prominent in the Indie music culture, his music is also linked to the sounds of post-dub step and electronic. His art is mostly mixes and combinations of clever sounds on a chill wave. XXYYXX describes his music as “doing drugs on a freeway, underwater”.

XXYYXX’s ability to create music electronically at such a young age using abnormal sounds and making beautiful melodies with them is truly amazing. His art is compacted with odd, unfamiliar sounds mused with groovy tunes that seem to all land on a mellow melody. His intriguing mixes are unlike any other artist’s creations, which is what makes his songs so popular.

He is signed with Relief in Abstract and has released three albums, XXYYXX, Mystify, and Still Sound. He continues to share singles and many collaborations on xxyyxx.bandcamp.com and his soundcloud.