Kill Them with Kindness

An Examination of Petty Practices Inside The Student Body

Here at Houston, we call ourselves a family. However, actions speak louder than words. This year, it seems more tension than usual has surfaced between friend groups. Accusations from clique to clique are shot across the hallway, creating unnecessary drama. By doing this, rumors spread and fights take over social media and texting. Girls waste valuable energy getting in arguments with other girls. Everyone needs to take a step back and evaluate the situation.

  • If everyone follows this advice, it will be easier to prevent issues.
        •    Just because a friend doesn’t like someone, does that make it acceptable to shun that person? Don’t go out of your way to be nice to “the enemy”. Is there a point?
        •    If another girl is dating a boy why be the girl jumping in the way and stealing him? Interfering is a quick way to have rumors attach to you and change public opinion of you.
        •    Why be the girl helping a guy cheat on his girlfriend? Have respect for that girl and yourself. Making him get his act together before getting involved is more respectable. Reverse the situation and think about feeling the betrayal of a relationship.
        •    What does it help stick your nose in someone else’s personal matters? If you are meant to know something, it will find it’s way to you. Plus, we all know when a girl finds out new information it means her best friend will also be told the secretive news.

Things to consider before actions are made:

What makes it okay to shun someone from a group?

What makes a person better than someone else?

Is it worth disturbing someone’s life?

Why break someone’s self esteem to build up your own?

Why waste time fighting over something that will not matter in a few months?

Please remember, we are in high school. Half of the things we care about today will not matter in a few weeks. Yes, for the time being, the issue at hand is the worst possible thing that could happen, but really think about how getting revenge could end up causing more issues.