Work Hard, Win Harder

Mitchell Moskowitz, Reporter

In the history of sports, there exist teams that have historically dominated their fields of competition. Baseball has the Yankees and basketball has the Celtics and the Lakers. These teams have enjoyed an unmatched level of success, making them the gold standard for their respective sports. Becoming a symbol of success in sports takes an unprecedented amount of hard work and determination. The Houston High School Lady Mustangs soccer team has consistently distinguished itself as one of the premier programs in the nation.
Coming off of another undefeated season with the program ranked third in the nation and winning its eighth state championship, the Houston soccer machine is once again gearing up for another run at the state title. With returning key seniors defensive anchor Caroline Heavey and towering midfielder Robyn Pennella, the expectations remain quite high.
While Houston’s current record of 12-0-2 would be more than impressive for most teams in the state, the Lady Mustangs are not most teams; for them, anything other than perfection is failure. “It’s always the goal to win state. It doesn’t matter if we won it the year before or not, it’s always the goal,” explains Caroline Heavey. With the superior skill and unmatched determination of the soccer squad, it is no wonder why expectations for the Mustangs are so high.
While the squad’s level of talent is obvious to anyone who has attended one of their games, it is the Lady Mustangs’ desire and demand for improvement that earns them such recognition. Students who regularly attend games can clearly notice the increase in focus, speed, and skills of the returning players. Even players who were already thought to be members of the elite, such as junior Gabby Little and Senior Caroline Heavey, have returned at an even more elevated level than last season.
Regardless if a player is a starter or not, each member of the squad works hard to play, and plays harder to win. With Wednesday’s 5-0 stomping of archrival Collierville High, the Lady Mustangs showed once again show why they’re the best. “…This team wins because it does things the right way,” explains Coach Wolff. “They don’t think they’re going to win because of the [Houston] shirt. This team wins because it works hard in practice, it has character and everybody in the state knows it.”