CVS Stops Selling Tobacco

Mary Elizabeth Hagan, Reporter

In February, CVS Pharmacy announced that they were planning to completely stop the selling of tobacco products on October 1. However, they have stopped selling cigarettes almost a whole month earlier than they promised. The abrupt cease in the sale of cigarettes is a push for other drugstores to stop selling the product also.
The company has stopped selling but also all tobacco products at all 7,700 locations. Their halt in dealing tobacco sends a message to pharmaceutical companies; selling a potentially deadly product at a wellness store is more than ironic. Matthew Meyers, president of the campaign Tobacco-Free Kids, stresses the importance, “CVS’ announcement to stop selling tobacco products fully a month early sends a resounding message … that pharmacies should not be in the business of selling tobacco.”
Several small pharmacies have also stopped selling tobacco products after the American Pharmacists Association called for such actions in March of 2010. But what is remarkable is CVS is the first large chain store to do so.
They also began a stop smoking campaign. It includes an assessment of smoker’s readiness to quit, education, medication to curb to addiction to nicotine, and  coaching to help keep the participant motivated and to avoid relapses.
The pharmacy hopes that the campaign will reduce smoking statics drastically.