Air Nike

Air Nike

Ansony Kim, Reporter

Professional athletes travel in cramped airplanes that weren’t designed for their large body types. Teague Design Firm and Nike have come up with a solution: A luxurious concept jet known as the ‘Athlete’s Plane.’

The plane is designed to decrease the negative effects of teams traveling to away games. “Studies prove that the home-field advantage is actually a lot less about the effects of raucous crowds and a lot more about the negative effects of travel, which create an “away disadvantage.” [One study] confirmed that motor function measurably deteriorated in athletes after air travel and then lingered for roughly the same number of days as the number of time zones crossed. That’s bad news if you’re an athlete traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast on a Friday for a Sunday game.”

By teaming up with Nike, the requirements of players was better understood through interviewing physicians, coaches, operations staff and sleep specialists. The result is a high tech airplane that helps optimize teams’ performances for distant events.

The plane focuses on four key areas: recovery, circulation, sleep, and thinking.

Recovery: decreasing the negative effects of air travel on the mind and body, and analysis to accelerate injury diagnosis and treatment.

Circulation: building in equipment that ensures optimal circulation and promotes healing.

Sleeping: designing conditions for players and sleep strategies for teams to maximize physical readiness.

Thinking: creating spaces to review game films for mental activities.

Athletes can get a post-game massage or treatments to aid recovery. Monitors on the plane constantly collect athlete’s biometric data. Beds are designed to handle seven-footers. Meals can be prepared onboard to each athlete’s nutritional needs.

Although the ‘ Athlete’s Plane’ is just a concept, it would help out teams traveling away from home.