Backyard Beatdown

Houston Defends Position as “The” Football School in Germantown

Backyard Beatdown

Antonio Scott, Reporter

Every Friday night, for the past five weeks, the Mustang Football team has earned a victory. Heading into Friday’s game with cross town rival Germantown High School, they were expecting a neighborhood brawl and what they got was a polite wave on their way to a message sending win.

“It’s just as important as every other game we play this year, it’s one game at a time, but there’s a little extra hype around it,” said Houston Football Head Coach Will Hudgens.  In his second season, Hudgens is 13-3, is still trying to find the balance needed for a championship team.

Before the game in an interview with The Pony Express, Hudgens said “We’re trying to make sure we’re improving, we obviously want the passing game to work better so we can balance our offense. The run game has been working great, and defensively just  making sure we’re wrapping up (tackling).”

At the end of the night, Houston threw, ran and tackled much better than their opponents, winning 46-21. The Mustangs rushed for 472 yards and Senior Quarterback Jared Schmidt ran for three touchdowns.

After the Red Devils gained no yards in three plays in their first possession, they were forced to punt. After the punt, Senior Jared Schmidt pulled the ball and ran 32 yards down the middle for the first Houston touchdown.

At halftime, Houston led the game, 20-7.

Opening the second half with an onside kick, Senior Colby Cartwright scampered ten yards up the middle for the touchdown taking Houston to a 27-7 lead. The Mustangs were never seriously threatened after that score.

As the game continued, a common theme kept the Mustangs rallying forth: domination. The Houston defense had seven consecutive three & outs vs the wishbone style offense from Germantown.

Winning Friday night’s game advanced the Mustangs to 5-0 this season as they look to the October 26th matchup at Bartlett.

Knowing Germantown went into Friday night’s game with a 0-4 record, Hudgens said “We look at every week, we’re 0-0, we just have to attack the group.” Hudgens continued, “It’s not really that we’re better or they’re any worse, each week’s a new challenge. That’s the way we want to look at it, that’s the way we want to approach it, coming with a good mindset, ready to play. They’re going to come ready to play, and there’s noting worse than a wounded animal, looking for their first win.” Germantown’s quest for their first win this season was denied.

Tonight, the Houston Mustangs face up against the Panthers from Bartlett.

As far as tonight’s theme for inspiration: Hudgens says “fight, play hard, do your job, and win.”