What’s Under the Helmet of Mason Piper?

Ashley Markle, Reporter

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Although some do not get the chance to see it, senior football player Mason Piper has more going on than sports.
Alternating between right tackle in football and a defender in lacrosse, Piper likes the brotherhood dynamic in his football team, “play for them and they play for me.” One thing helping create the bond is “The Cove.” Senior football players have a designated area in the locker room, resembling a cove, for their lockers and a place to hang out. Piper enjoys having a place where he can chill with his team

When not at school or practice, he will most likely be relaxing at home playing video games; but on the weekends he can be found working at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. After he finishes his responsibilities, he enjoys fixing his car, “mechanics interest me, and I like to know how to fix stuff and how it works.”
To further his interest in logistics, in ten years Mason might become a proud graduate from the University of Tennessee Knoxville with a degree in engineering along with a family. Piper would prefer two boys because he claims if he had a girl, he would spoil her like he does for his nine-year-old sister, McKenzie.

If he’s not in Memphis, Mason might be on a trip in Utah, where he can mountain bike, dirt bike, or go snowboarding. He enjoys being outside and taking advantage of all the opportunities of adventure in the mountains. Someday he hopes to live up there like his uncle, who he is very close with despite the distance.
Looking at his last year at Houston, Mason tells me “I am most excited about having good memories from high school and making something of my self and college and beyond.”